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Tung Wah Group of Hospital

One in five Hong Kong students binges drink. Throughout the years, the problem of alcohol abuse has been strongly overlooked. 

Our team was challenged to raise public awareness towards this issue while reinforcing T.W.G.Hs' Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment Service. 


3D / Motiongraphic


We deliberately select real-life encounterings to mimic the situations teens are now commonly facing - heartbreaking relationships, peer pressure, celebrations - which often lead to excessive alcoholic consumption. 

Creative Solution 

With consideration of our young target audience, we intend to explore another communication medium, which perhaps able to evoke even more excitement & connection towards the social issue. 

Motion graphics is a fantastic way to do just that! From character design, storyboard structure, animatic, etc. here's definitely our jam!

Tung Wa_0822 (0-00-01-16).jpg
Tung Wa_20171106_b (0-00-58-21).jpg
Tung Wa_old friends character.png
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