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Self-project: Roger That!

Environmental issues are one of the biggest challenges that we all face. As part of the community, we simply wonder if there's anything we can do within our expertise to raise awareness towards any local environmental problem.




Came across an interesting environmental report, which studies the relationship between traditional Chinese custom activities and the effectiveness of promoting environmental protection. One of the typical examples would be burning joss paper vs. air pollution.

Creative Solution 

These types of environmental reports often look boring and lengthy, readers may feel bombarded with data charts and paragraphs.


To spin things around, we tasked ourselves to create a new narrative based on the report. Partnering with UrbanAir Design ltd, we came up with this 2:30min animation video. 

To challenge ourselves even more we decided not to use any dialogue-typed voiceover, and build our characters from a side-view perspective. 

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 5.39.20 PM.png
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