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A dedicated kids program about design thinking.


Branding / Graphic Design / Web Development / Webinar


Inspired by the memories from our early childhood, when we first picked up color pens and drew circles.


With the use of different icons, including speech bubbles, rough to signify kids, and smooth for designers, we hope to emphasize the vision of this program - to encourage kids to unbox their inner creativity, to question and explore things around them. 

Creative Solutions: 

Web Development

To facilitate their award program, we created a website for participants to submit their work. Judges were given access to the backend of our website and leave comments. While interested parties were also able to check on the latest workshops/ events.

Webinar & Event support

To promote Kids' design thinking with a more holistic approach, we also facilitated a series of sharing sessions, seminars, awards ceremony and public exhibitions.


We would like to create something a bit more long-lasting, rather than simply just a booklet recapping the events.


The deliberate use of a white holder, self-decorated covers, and worksheets are exercises and guidelines for kids to practice design thinking daily. 

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